The JKA is going to NAKO

The JKA will be sending two of its members to the NAKO and they will offer kendama tests (Kyu level & Dan level tests) and an introductory kendama teacher’s course (Fukyūin – 普及員コース) for those interested in being certified to offer Pre-Kyu through Junshodan (pre-Dan) tests to their students, clubs, etc.

The class will be FREE and will run 60-90 minutes. Those interested in attending please read through the “History” and “Learn” sections of this website. Knowing the material beforehand will streamline the class and allow for more time to cover new topics and questions.

The JKA members attending will be Vice-Chairman Hiroyuki Yano 9th Dan from Osaka and John Geron – Licensed Seminar Lecturer (goenKendama).

It will be a good chance to get a bit more insight into the JKA and ask questions too. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

You can find the NAKO event schedule here on the (Sweets Kendamas Facebook page).