1st Asahikawa Kendama classroom & event

The first Asahikawa Kendama classroom & meeting

Date and time: June 18 (Tuesday), 20 pm 20 pm

Venue: Asahikawa City Citizen Activity Exchange Center (CoCoDe)

2nd floor conference training room 2

(Asahikawa City Miyamae 1 Article 3-chome 3rd 30)

Participation fee 300 yen

First-time visitors big welcome (3 years old or older parent and child participation welcome)

Sponsored by Asahikawa Kendama Circle

Contact Us Hino 090-6267-3504

(Morning or after 18:00)

Tanimura 090-3775-1499

<< Part 1 >>

1:15-Kendama Road Rokudan

Easy-to-understand health kendama classroom & meeting commentary of (rehab professional)

<< Part 2 >>

1:50-Kendama tournament

<Games Program>

1) Opening greetings

2) Classification

3) Qualifying

4) Final game

5) Mosquito competition (even large plate jump OK!)

6) Kendama battle in a fun game

7) Awards ceremony

<< Part 3 >>

3:10-promotion test

(Person to apply: Please apply to the reception desk on the day.)

Specifically, please see the following blog. https://asahikawakendama.blogspot.com/2019/04/1.html